Department of Differential Equations

The Karakalpak State Teacher Training Institute was opened on September 1, 1935 in the town of Turtkul in order to provide the schools of the Republic of Karakalpakstan with the teaching staff.

At the time of the opening of the Institute, there were departments of physics and mathematics and the Karakalpak language and literature.

In the physics and mathematics department there was only one department, the Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Since 1935, the head of the department was Associate Professor M.V. Shcheglov who taught in almost all subjects of a physical and mathematical direction. Later, S. B. Bulatov and F. D. Kochanov worked at the department. S.B.Bulatov was the only teacher who knew the local language. After them, in the academic year 1936-1937 in the direction of the Commissariat of Public Education of Uzbekistan, Umar Buleshov, a graduate of the Central Asian University, began working here, also this year M.G. Galikeev began working at the department, with the advent of which it was possible to teach subjects in the local language. The members of the department did a great job of translating textbooks in mathematics and physics into the Karakalpak language, thereby providing schools of the republic with necessary, while textbooks in Karakalpak language. Along with this, a lot of work was done to create terminology in mathematics and physics in Karakalpak language. Based on these works, in 1939, dictionaries of mathematical terms were published by S. Buleshov and physical terms by S. Bulatov in Karakalpak language. These achievements were an important factor in the development of the teaching of physical and mathematical subjects in the republic.

In 1944, the Institute of Teachers was renamed the Pedagogical Institute, and from the 1948-1949 academic year, the Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences was divided into two departments “Mathematics” and “Physics”. In 1969, on the basis of the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Mathematical Analysis was founded.

During the years assistant professors 1969-1976 O.Jiemuratov, 1976-1987 O.Buleshov, 1987-1992 K.Kaljanov, 1992-1994 and 2000-2004 S.Kosbergenov, 1995-1996 B.Prenov, 1997-2000 U.Rametov, 2005-2009 K.Elgondiyev,2009-2011 B.Otemuratov, 2011- 2016 S.Tleumuratov, 2016-2019 K.Elgondiyev run the department.

During the years of Independence the department has notably reached its new phase in development. In recent years 2 Doctors of Sciences (S.Kosbergenov 2001, K.Kudaybergenov 2008) as well as 9 Candidates of Sciences have successfully fulfilled their research.

On the basis of the department of mathematical analysis the departments of “Higher mathematics” and “Differential equations” were founded. In recent years, in order to expand the departments, many of their subjects have now become part of the subjects of mathematical analysis. In 1996, 2000 and 2012, Republican scientific and theoretical conferences “Actual problems of complex analysis”, “Differential equations and their application”, and “Modern problems of complex and functional analysis” were held at our university in which our teachers took an active part.

Since 1999, the University has opened a master’s program in “Mathematics Analysis” and “Differential Equations” specialties. Currently, the teachers of our department teach the main subjects of students in the specialty “Mathematics” (in the directions). Graduates who have successfully completed a master’s degree are currently working in various spheres of public life. Among them Seytnazarov Kuanyshbai – Doctor of Technical Sciences (TATU, Nukus Branch), Nurzhanov Berdakh – Ph.D. (PhD) (KSU, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Mathematical Analysis), Izetaeva Gulbakhar Ph.D. (PhD) (KSU, assistant lecturer at the Department of Mathematical Analysis ), doctoral students of physical and mathematical sciences Bekimov Mansour, Khasanov Muzaffar and many others are the pride of our department.

In 2018, a master’s degree in “differential equations and mathematical physics” was opened at the Department of Mathematical Analysis. Since 2019, on the basis of the Department of Mathematical Analysis, the department of differential equations has been separated. The department is headed by a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Elgondiev Kuanysh. Associate professors Omarov Allabergen, Nurzhanov Orynbay, Kurbanbaev Utebay, Tanirbergenov Muratbek, Otarova Dzhamilya, assistants Bayramuratovа Klara , Yerezhepova Shiyrin, Kilishbaeva Gulnaz, trainer coach Koshanov Allanazar work at the department of differential equations.